Wireless charging – a more cost-effective approach

 The current in wireless charging for electric vehicles provides for inductor coils under the bottom of the vehicle; the corresponding charging coil typically is embedded in the ground. This concept has its disadvantages: Because of the large distance between of up to 15 cm between the coils, the size of the coils needs to be rather large. This translates into high material costs. In addition, objects or animals can enter the gap between the coils; cats for example like the slightly warmed charging area in the ground for a nap. Particularly problematic are metallic papers like chewing gum or cigarette packaging materials; exposed to the magnetic alternating field they can heat up and even catch fire.
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Amazon Fire Phone Teardown

We had high hopes that Amazon built a solid, repairable Fire Phone. It began with a similar opening procedure to the current crop of iPhones, but with welcome Torx T3 screws instead of Pentalobes.
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